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5 Easy Tips to Help Sell Your Wood Craft Projects on Pinterest

Pinterest had been a very fast-growing social media platform for year after year. People take all sorts of interesting pictures and videos then post them on Pinterest and they link out the picture or video to their own website or affiliate link outside of Pinterest.
It won't take a brain scientist or rocket surgeon to find out that Pinterest can be a wonderful traffic avalanche. A lot of smart marketers have been promoting all sorts of products and have used Pinterest in many different ways because it allows then to take the large amounts of traffic from Pinterest and direct it right to where they want that traffic to go.
The trick with Pinterest is that you have to use it just the right way.
Promoting your woodworking creations on Pinterest is not as simple as just copying a bunch of cute pictures, slapping them up on your board and then linking them to your website. It's not gonna work in that way.
Following that plan is just a waste of time, effort, and energy. There's a more effective way then that. If you're trying to truly figure out how to promote all of your woodworking ideas on Pinterest, let these five steps below help guide your way to more success on Pinterest.
• Step #1
Create exciting and unique blog posts that highlight the uniqueness and meaning of your product.
You should know that many people on Pinterest aren't actually just looking for pretty or funny pictures. When they check out a picture or video, they have a certain expectation.
Most are looking to learn about something new or familiarize themselves with the value of what a particular brand or product really stands for. In other words, they are more curious about how a brand may represent itself or what they offer back to the community and they want you to be the one to address those curiosities.
• Step #2
Create informative blog entries to show your products being produced.
Not only is it important for you to highlight what is exciting, unique or different about your product but you should also be trying guide the reader through how and why you decided to make this product in a certain way.
Tell them a story. Inspire them to create. You must understand that woodworking creations are really about sell one one thing and one thing alone: your skillset.
If they’re just searching for wood vases or wood bowls, they can simply purchase that stuff from China or eBay. It really is that simple. Instead, people searching on Pinterest are looking for that personal touch unique factor to the items you sell.
This is why you see the production process videos and the long drawn-out blog posts get most of the attention when they are promoted through Pinterest.
• Step #3
Invest in creating the highest-quality pictures and videos you can make for all of your Pinterest and blog posts.
This is really a non-negotiable point when it comes to marketing your products. You first need to start with a rock solid foundation. Without a strong foundation, you will simply be wasting your time posting on Pinterest. You need to understand that Pinterest is a highly graphics-driven social media platform.
Your quality of your pictures will be what makes or breaks your brand on Pinterest. This is a main reason why it’s a great idea to start investing in highest quality pictures you can create. “Invest” here is really a just codeword for spending more money on professional photography and graphics design.
• Step #4
Reverse-engineer what the details are of the other woodworking and similarly related accounts are using like their hashtags and descriptions to see what specific keywords are hot.
The great news about posting on Pinterest is that there is already so many woodworking brands on there. But you don’t need to be alarmed about that. This is actually really good news.
Even though they have been around longer and beaten you to the punch, you can still reverse-engineer their hashtags and their descriptions by simply looking at their most popular post and building more interesting content and ideas about those same topics, then you can start to figure out what they have been doing right a along and you can then pin point and avoid what they've been doing wrong this whole time as well.
• Step #5
Create many different pinboards with different tag targets.
Since you won't actually be exactly knowing how people will be looking and searching for your type of product on Pinterest, it’s a great idea to have your bases covered by creating as many unique pinboards as you can with different hashtag to target many possible niches.
You should pay very close attention to the kind of traffic you will get by using this type of system. When you pay close attention to the patterns you see, you should begin to be able to figure out which hashtags are sending out the most high quality traffic from Pinterest to your site.
Pinterest has been and will be one of the best free traffic generation methods you can use right now. Start using it to boost your woodworking business to the next level today.
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