Finished Wood: Top 5 Before & After Christmas Edition

Finished Wood: Top 5 Before & After Christmas Edition

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Here we take a look at the top 5 before and after results from customers who have purchased the items we sell here at ! They have worked hard on these projects and we want to showcase their finished results. Includes comments from the original creators.

"These are great for the price. Came fully intact and not splintering at all. Takes paint nicely and easy to mod podge photos onto. Plenty of string, etc."



"We love these wood ornaments for my Sunday School Christmas Craft parties. These have a nice variety, receive paint or paint markers really well, and are always a big hit with the kids and the parents. The blank design gives us plenty of options, but my fellow teacher and and I usually come up with a few template designs for the kids to use for inspiration so they don't spend all day trying to figure out what to create and we can maximize our time working on these ornaments and other awesome Christmas crafts. The set of 120 insures that each kid can make a few and that there are extras in case of mishaps and misfortunes--which are always an inevitable concern."


"I don’t typically write reviews but for these, I needed to. They are absolutely amazing quality and you get so many for the low price. We made ornaments for our neighbors this year and was able to drop off 3 ornaments to each house! They are so versatile and can be used as ornaments or on wreaths and I eve used them on my gifts as name tags! Just love these!!! Best holiday craft I bought this dreaded year!"


"I purchased these ornaments to make picture transfer ornaments for Christmas gifts. They are smooth as glass on all sides and everything adheres well to them. There are no splinters or cracks.

I chose these over the other wooden ornaments available because I like the shape of the top of the ornament. It looks the most like a real ornament. Mine look exactly like the photo in the listing. If you are looking for an inexpensive idea for gifts these are the way to go."



We want to thank everyone for their submissions and welcome you back anytime for future submissions. If you would like to submit your own please contact us.

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