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Solar Wooden Race Model Car Kit STEM Projects DIY Science 3D Puzzle Toy Educational Building Mechanical Set Motorized

Solar Wooden Race Model Car Kit STEM Projects DIY Science 3D Puzzle Toy Educational Building Mechanical Set Motorized

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  • Build, Customize and Play - Our wooden race car kit is a DIY activity that makes it easy for kids to assemble and customize their own vehicle. Get creative with the included blue and red stickers
  • Learning Made Fun - Have kids learn about the importance of clean energy, the technology and engineering behind it. Your child will learn how to harness the sun’s power while playing at the same time!
  • STEM Toys for Challenging the Mind - Through building, our solar car kit helps with healthy cognitive development. While building it your child improve their problem solving and thinking skills.
  • No Batteries Required - Our toy car for kids is powered by the sun, making it easy to play with by kids age 8 to 12 years old. Just head out and allow the sun’s power to fuel the race car!
  • Wonderful Gift Choice - The best toys for kids are those that combine learning and excitement. Our wooden race car for kids makes a thoughtful present for birthdays and the holidays.

Looking for a toy your child can learn from while also having fun?
With kids spending more and more time in front of their electronic devices and mostly indoor, many parents are starting to look for toys that will get their young ones spend more time outdoors in ways that will help with their cognitive development. Not just any toy, but one their child can learn from while they play.

While there is a plethora of educational toys on the market, it is not easy to find one that is fun and engaging at the same time. Children can easily lose interest in toys that are boring or overly complicated, which is why it is important to choose the right one.

Make learning exciting for your young one with the TOYLOGS Solar Wooden Race Car!
Our 3D puzzle toy not only educates your child but also brings out their creativity. What makes our STEM toy extra special is it comes with unique blue and red stickers your kid can use to transform their vehicle into a miniature race car. You won't find these anywhere else! The stickers can be mixed and matched in various ways, making it easy to come up with a unique look. The stickers not only ensure a clean final look but also keep your kids from getting too messy in the process.
This car toy for boys and girls teaches the importance of clean energy and sustainable materials. It includes a solar power panel that collects energy from the sun and gets the included electric motor to run, allowing the wooden race car to move. Teach them the wonders of sustainability at an early age!
Another great thing about our solar race car is it can bring together friends and family. Buy 2 or more and have a solar car race! Playing with friends, siblings, or parents helps develop your kid's social skills and ability to work in teams.
Still not convinced? Here are additional reasons to love this solar wooden race car:
Easy to assemble
Cool design

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