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120 Colored Pencils Adult Coloring Books Coloring Pencils Set for Layering Shading Blending

120 Colored Pencils Adult Coloring Books Coloring Pencils Set for Layering Shading Blending

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  • ★【PREMIUM QUALITY】: The design and development of SJ STAR-JOY Gold Edition 120 colored pencils has listened to the professional opinions of thousands of colorists and artists. This colored pencil is designed for artistic success. It has professional quality and versatility, and can create a series of bold, vivid, subtle and exciting effects. It can help you find exclusive fun in your creation, so as to create works of art that you are proud of.
  • ★【3.8mmLEAD CORE and EASIER SHARPENING】: Strong and reliable 3.8mm lead core to guard against frustrating breakages during general use and sharpening so that you can color with confidence. They are made up of quality pigments and an oil binder for smooth blending and layering. Basswood and Special Glue Craft, tightly held lead core and slats.
  • ★【Unique Design】: The Gold Edition set is numbered in consecutive order. Each pencil was placed according to its analogous trio on the color wheel. They have a consecutive number and a color name, alongside, is a code for the undertone color. This makes matching pencils for seamless blending as simple as reading the number on the pencil.
  • ★【PERFECT HOLIDAY GIFTS】: Your children and friends will love this colored pencils set, because this is your hope for them to be artists. Whether coloring their favorite secret garden coloring books or simply drawing on their sketch pad, these coloring pencils will always be a best gift for Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, Birthday and other special occasions. Colored pencils are placed in trays of the exquisite creative tin box. It will always be an amazing gift for everyone.
  • ★【Satisfaction Guarantee】: Buy Now - worry & hassle free! Creating beautiful art should be easy and fun. This Gold Edition colored pencils set is a resourceful range of 120 colors guaranteed to eliminate drawing or painting restrictions. We are so confident that you will love it. If you are not satisfied with the product, we guarantee to comply with the return or exchange policy.

SJ STAR-JOY Art Brand have built a great reputation for their high quality, value for money 

art products and are very excited to launch their ‘new and improved’ Gold Edition Colored Pencil set

SJ STAR-JOY Gold Edition set is designed for artistic success. It is an improved version based on 

SJ STAR-JOY original edition 120 color pencils set, which has made all-round improvements in pencil holder, 

core size, color selection and so on. Time to Upgrade Your Coloring Collection!

· The barrels were created with the environment in mind, cut from eco-friendly soft wood that is biodegradable 

and self sustaining. The non-toxic shavings can be placed directly into compost piles and will break down quickly and safely. 

· The barrel paint has a matte finish to prevent glare when reading the color and the font is large and bold. 

The name and number has been placed on the back end of the pencil. This means less handling and less worry 

that the name will be ground off as you use the pencil.

· The set is made up of several color palettes that match the style of artwork you are creating. 

These palettes include Analogous, Primary Saturated, Grayscale, Skin tone and Pastel.  

· We care about how your pencils arrive, so we have pre-sharpened them to a short point instead of a long one. 

Shorter tips mean less breakage. Please remind the customer service to reinforce the packaging 

and protect it when ordering.

★【After-Sales Service】★

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