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Glitter & Sticker, Nail Art Brushes for Beginners Nail Dotting Tool

Glitter & Sticker, Nail Art Brushes for Beginners Nail Dotting Tool

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  • Economical Nail Art Tool with Nail Glitter for NailArt Beginners - You will get 12 pots nail glitter, 4 sheets nail sticker for nail art, 15pcs nail art brush pen, 5pcs nail dotted tool, 1 box 2mm nail art gems in 12 colors, 1 box 12 colors of nail foils for nail art, 10 rolls nail art tape for gel nails and 1pc tweezer
  • 12 Colors of Fine Nail Glitter - There are large quantity of nail art glitters in this set, total 12 pots, each pot is about 5g, 12 different colors are laser silver, laser black, iridescent white, gold, brown, red, purple, green, blue, yellow, orange, rose pink, different from the most fine glitter in market
  • 4 Topic of Self-adhesive Nail Art Stickers - Contain 4 different design: colorful butterfly, colorful flowers, gold & black maple leaf and gold geometric pattern, with these special sticker, you can create your personal nail art design with ease but not like a nail art beginner; come with tweezer help tear off the stickers and stick on nail surface as nail decoration
  • 2mm Colorful Nail Rhinestones & 12 Colors of Nail Art Foil - As the most popular nail art decoration gems, 2 mm is the best diameter, both nail art rhinestones and nail foil are 12 different colors, always decorate your gel nails and make it looks shine and charming, you also can combine nail rhinestone to create different design
  • Most Functional Nail Art Brush Set - 15pcs Nail Painting Brush Pen include 2pcs Drawing Pen Brushes(one is short handle, easy to control), 3pcs Pull Line Pen Brushes, 2pcs Sector Pen Brushes, 2pcs Oblique Pen Brushes, 5pcs Flat Pen Brushes and 1pc Dotting Pen, help create thin line, dots, gradient pattern, flower or any subtle patterns, sector pen brush can easily dip nail glitter on nail surface as decoration
  • Nail Dotting Tool & Nail Art Tape - Double ended nail dotting pen have 5 different sizes on one side: 0.5mm/0.8mm/2mm/2.5mm/3mm and another side is same diameter 1.5mm, easy to create various dots design, it is convenient to dip water then glue the nail rhinestones to decorate your nails by dotting pen; nail tapes have 10 colors, come with adhesive, easy to paste on nail to finish your design

Product Description

Teenitor Professional Nail Art Kit Accessories for Teenage Girls, Adults and Even Nail Art Starter & Beginner.

This nail art design kit include the most complete nail art accessories, try to cater your different nail art design needs like drawing, decorating by glitter, sticker, rhinestone, nail foil & tape, provide you a funny and special nail art experience not matter you are nail art beginner or not.

A value nail art kit for all ages, package contains Nail Glitters, Nail Stickers, Nail Art Brushes, Nail Dotting Tool, Nail Art Tapes, Nail Rhinestones, Nail Foils and Tweezer, if you are looking for an amazing gift in Christmas, Thanksgiving Day or Mother’s Day, I promise it should be your best choice and always can bring you surprise.

15pcs Nail Art Design Pen Brushes:

2pcs Drawing Pen Brushes, one with short handle and another one with longer handle, easy to control and create any subtle patterns like animals.

3pcs Pull Line Pen Brushes, three different lengths of liner help create thin line, leaf or zebra grain and so on.

2pcs Sector Pen Brushes, allow dip different colors to brush gradient effect on nail, convenient to dip nail glitter on gel nail surface as decoration.

2pcs Oblique Pen Brushes, special oblique design can help draw exquisite 3D painted patterns.

5pcs Flat Pen Brushes, come with soft bristle in different length to help dip enough gel polish to build a brilliant design.

1pc Dotting Pen, used to create dots pattern.

5pcs Nail Dotting Tool:

These double ended dotting pens have 5 colors, pink, yellow, white, blue and green, one side is same diameter-1.5 mm, another one is 0.5mm, 0.8mm, 2mm, 2.5mm,3mm, you will find it is easy to control and finish your design like dots, flowers, outlined and so on.

Dip with water on pen head, you will find it is easy to stick nail rhinestones or any small stuff to decorate your gel nails.

12 Pots Fine Nail Art Glitter:

There are 12 different colors, laser silver, laser black, iridescent white, gold, brown, red, purple, green, blue, yellow, orange, rose pink.

Each pot is about 5g, enough quantity for you to create nail art design, these sparkle glitter also your great choice on body art or crafting making.

Laser Silver, Laser Black and Iridescent White, these selective colors of glitter come with a gorgeous flicker effect under different angle, bring you shiny looking to draw people’s attention and create graceful and splendid nail art design.

4 Sheets Fashion Nail Art Stickers:

You will get 4 different topic nail stickers at a time- colorful butterflies, leaves and bouquet; various colorful flowers; gold & black maple leaf and various shapes of leaves in ; gold combined geometric pattern.

These nail sticker are self-adhesive, simple to operate but get excellent effect instantly, save your time, fit for nail art beginner.

Use tweezer to tear off nail sticker then paste on nail surface will get a most complete pattern, you can combine different nail stickers to create your personal nail design.

10 Rolls of Nail Art Tapes:

10 different color of nail tape, length of each roll is about 20M and with is 1mm.

Always be used to decorate nail surface directly.

Or stick on nail surface then apply gel polish, tear it off, you will get a nail art design.

12 Colors of Nail Art Gems:

Diameter is 2mm, the most popular and perfect size to apply on nail surface to finish your nail art design.

Back is flat enough to stick on nail surface and long-lasting, sparkle and pretty, will provide you charming looking.

Each grid has one color, total 12 different colors, give you more choices to combine, contains infinite possibilities.

12 Colors of Nail Art Foil:

Thin and easy to attach on your finger, have better apply these foils by tweezer.

One box contain 12 colors to meet your different needs.


15 x pink nail art brushes

5 x nail dotting pens

12 x nail fine glitter

4 x nail stickers

1 x colorful nail rhinestones

1 x nail art foil chips

10 x nail striping tape

1 x tweezer

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Regular price Sale price $9.99 USD
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