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Puzzled 3D Puzzle Lucky Dragon & Phoenix Wood Craft Construction Model Kit

Puzzled 3D Puzzle Lucky Dragon & Phoenix Wood Craft Construction Model Kit

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  • THE LUCKY DRAGON & PHOENIX PUZZLE COMES WITH UNIQUE DESIGN YOU WILL LOVE - Be proud to display your assembled Lucky Dragon & Phoenix model decor share the love for dragons and puzzles with your loved ones. Ideal for children & adults with a passion for mythology and model building! These fantastic creatures represent being lucky, powerful, and noblility. This instructional Dragon 3D wooden puzzle will help kids & teens learn more about mythology in a fun way as they build and paint the wood kit.
  • THE LUCKY DRAGON & PHOENIX DIY 3D PUZZLE IS FOR ANYONE WHO LOVES PUZZLES - The Lucky Dragon & Phoenix 3 dimensional craft kit is a model to build for adult & kids who love using their brain and create something with their hands. Puzzles lovers at any age or gender will enjoy building this amazing 147 piece wood kit & painting the 3d wood puzzle to make it their own. Great father & son 3d puzzles for boys school project and puzzle for girls get together & craft play time with friends and family.
  • INCLUDED WITH THE PURCHASE OF 3D LUCKY DRAGON & PHOENIX WOODEN PUZZLE KIT - Includes 1 Lucky Dragon & Phoenix 3D beautiful Puzzle Wood Craft Construction Kit with 147 interlocking puzzle pieces, an instruction manual & 1 paper for sanding edges. 3D Puzzles never looked so good! The unfinished natural wood can be painted or colored for a personalized look. In most parts no glue is needed & the pieces interlock together. Wooden puzzle assembly size is 4''Lx12''Wx16''H. Paint & glue not included.
  • HIGH-QUALITY LUCKY DRAGON & PHOENIX WOODEN PUZZLE 3D KIT - The Lucky Dragon & Phoenix 3D puzzle is made of high-grade 3mm natural wood. All puzzle pieces are laser cut & sanded thoroughly to ensure smoothness of edges. Adorned with realistic details result in an authentic-looking model. The unfinished color wood of this 3D dragon wooden puzzle makes it perfect for customizing it and making it come to life! Complete with a display stand makes it perfect for exhibit and display on any surface.
  • IDEAL USE FOR THE LUCKY DRAGON & PHOENIX WOOD KIT 3D MODEL PUZZLE - Challenge yourself & your loved ones to building this DIY cut 3-D puzzle. Display your achievement as artwork or play with your new model toy. 3D puzzles woodcraft construction kits help develop skills like eye coordination, problem-solving & shape recognition, while encouraging creativity. Customize your diy toy kits! Paint it for school projects or make it a game for friends and family to enjoy while spending time together.

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Building puzzles is an excellent activities for kids and adults as it helps stimulate the brains and enhance one's critical thinking. It also improves eye-hand coordination in a fun and entertaining way and teaches the players to be patient as it takes time and effort to build a particular model.

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Spend quality time with your loved ones as you assemble our puzzles that come in different difficulty levels & hundreds of amazing styles to choose from such as animals, dinosaurs, aircraft, and buildings, and more. Our Puzzles are made with premium quality materials that are proven to last and come with soft edges for safe & easy handling. Once assembled, you can paint it for a more personalized look, ready to display.

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  • Ideal for a play date
  • Boost skills and creativity
  • Great gift or souvenir
  • Unique décor
  • Excellent learning activity for kids
Theme Animals Aircrafts Asian & Dragons Ocean Life Space Famous Sites
Natural Wood Color
Difficulty Beginner Intermediate Advanced Beginner Intermediate Intermediate
Pieces 20 30 147 24 46 69
Dimensions 9 x 7.2 x 0.2" 9 x 7.31 x 0.25" 14.62 x 9.12 x 0.5" 9 x 7.31 x 0.25" 14.62 x 9.12 x 0.38" 14.62 x 9.12 x 0.37"
Instruction manual included

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Get ready to punch out the pieces and interlock them together

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